Post Landing & Settlement

This is the first step to resettle in a new country. A procedure that demands professional handling of all immigration matters and other complications.

  1. Assessment of client’s education (academic and professional), professional skill/training and experience for permanent residency in the country of immigration and advise the client about the immigration laws prevalent at that time.
  2. Assisting the client in preparation of case for immigration.
  3. Reviewing and identify for submission of all the required documents and supporting evidence.
  4. Submitting the complete case with supporting documentation and evidence along with the submission report to the processing visa office.
  5. Assisting the client in preparation for the interview at visa processing post through various counseling session.
  6. Multi- stage counseling of the client when they receive File, Interview, Medical, landing papers and on other immigration matters, when required.
  7. Keeping in touch with visa office and handling all visa correspondence with the visa office, pertaining to the client’s case.
  8. Monitoring the client’s case throughout the processing, so as to ensure the issuance of visa in timely fashion.
  9. Faithfully advising the client about the mandatory requirements by the visa office with respect to the client’s case.
  10. Adopting ways to save time and finances by taking pre-emptive measures for possible problem

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Placement Assistance Services

  • Personalized sessions by the senior Employment Counselor to cover
    1. Profession wise workshop covering interaction with the industry representative, listing of the business.
    2. Information on relevant education and professional courses to be taken and other related details like costs and duration of the courses.
  • Assistance by senior job developers in finding transitional / temporary jobs in view of skills , aptitude, Computer -Knowledge, oral skills and recommendations of the settlement counselor
  • Assistance in enhancing skill and taking courses to find a job in own profession.
  • Referring of resumes to the potential employers.
  • Assisting in placement and providing update on the job market.
  • Giving job leads through group networking.

Settlement Services

  • Pick up from the International Airport
  • Assistance in applying for SIN card in Canada or Tax File Number & Center link in Australia , as
  • Assistance in applying for PR card.
  • Assistance in applying for Ontario Public Health insurance Card in Canada or Medicare in Australia , as applicable.
  • Information on Health care Schemes.
  • Information on child and social welfare schemes.
  • Assistance in searching for Accommodation.
  • Information on prevailing rentals and prices.
  • Information on the documentation for renting or purchasing accommodation.
  • Information on various modes of transportation.
  • Information on ticketing and passes.
  • Information on maps and how to use them.
  • Information on bus/train routes and how to follow the direction.
  • Assistance in opening the bank account.
  • Assistance in applying for credit / Debit / ATM cards.
  • Information on usage of Credit cards.
  • Information on issues related to credit Rating
  • Information on walks-in clinics and hospitals.
  • Information on how to use medical services.
  • Information on places for shopping for daily needs.
  • Information on religious places for worship.
  • Information on school and other educational institutes.
  • Assistance in buying phones, mobiles and calling cards.
  • Information on use of communication services.
  • Assistance in applying Driving license.
  • Information on traffic rules and regulations.
  • Major English /language newspapers and how to order them.
  • Internet -Importance and various Internet services providers.
  • Internet -Importance and various Internet services providers.

We offer the following immigration consulting services

  1. Skilled Worker Immigration for Canada , Australia & Denmark
  2. South Africa – Quota Work Permit
  3. Business Immigration for Canada , Australia
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs for Canada
  5. Student Visa to Canada , Australia and European Countries
  6. Corporate Transfers
  7. Family Class Visa to Canada , Australia & Denmark
  8. Visitor Visa to USA , Canada , Australia & Schengen Countries
  9. All other Immigration and Citizenship matters