Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Anyone who has a consistently good academic record, firm financial support and proficiency in English is eligible to apply for higher education.Kindly check the details of the program and the university you wish to apply since different programs have a different set of criteria to be eligible. You may be required to take a few admission tests for certain programs to be eligible.

It is advisable for you to complete an additional year of studies to be stronger applicant to a master’s degree in the U.S. But for countries like UK and Australia you can apply with 15 years of education. However, some students with a good track record are able to secure admission after a three-year bachelor’s degree.

At least 8 months in advance of your intended date of enrollment for U.S. university. And for other countries atleast 6 months before would be safe.For example, if you wish to enroll in August/September next year, you should start the process around April of the current year. Be sure of the deadlines of the programs!

Yes, it does. For test fees, application fees, communication and mailing expenses you will have to spend.

Yes,all Colleges and Universities offer scholarships, assistantships and fellowships to outstanding students, largely based on merit. There is stiff competition for financial assistance and availability varies from university to university.

The most common is student visa and you are generally allowed to work for 20 hours per week as per rule.

The key documents for the admission committee to favorably consider your application is the SOP and Recommendation Letters and so it has to be well written.As they give the university insights into what kind of person you are.

Yes, it is a reality. All foreign universities realize that international students have financial constraints and allow them to work for a minimum of 20 hours a week which is enough to pay for a student living expenses in some countries and sometimes enables them to save a part of the income also. The highlight added to this is the benefit of tuition fee waivers / assistantships / fellowships which also reduces ones financial commitments.

Yes, Bank Loans are accepted as sources of funds for your study abroad purposes.

Natural sponsors are parents.However if any of your relatives or friends are interested in sponsoring then you may have to provide strong evidences in favour of them.

Some universities allow students to complete a master’s degree in one year. However, if you are asked to complete a master’s thesis you may find it difficult to finish in less then 18 months. Additionally, if you have a teaching or research assistantship, you may find that your duties take up so much time that it would be difficult to complete your degree. If you are applying for an MBA degree and you have work experience you may find that the business school has a special program which would allow you to finish in one year.

As you know, immigration is the movement through which individual permanently move their place of residence from a particular country.

Enhanced lifestyle – Living in developed countries is an entirely different story. Apart from better work opportunities, benefits like unemployment insurance, senior pension, family allowance and universal health care assure a better social security to the immigrants with the Permanent Residence status.

As simple as it looks, guidance is required for all the key documents. Immediate guidance means time saving.

  1. From your perspective, you may have collected documents but they may not be in the format or carry incomplete information as per Embassy requirement. For instance, employment reference letters may be required from few specific employers from your overall experience and for a certain period only. Not only that the reference letter must confirm to specific duties and responsibilities in line with the regulatory and operational manual guidelines. How will you identify these key parameters while getting the reference letters made?
  2. And what will you do, when official guidelines provide no clear instruction/information on an issue specific to you? For example, different IELTS score is required for each specific case and under different factors. How do you know what score is required for your application? You get struck with procedural matters related to PCC and transcripts and cannot get them released. What action from your side would enable in-time release of such documents?
  3. From your perspective you get all documents and information and then come back to us only to be told by us that all documents are still not in place or they do not follow the required format or the information is still incomplete. THEN, you again back to the drawing board and get the documents and information!
  4. Even we need at least 2-3 weeks to work on each file.
  5. You should therefore start the process immediately with us and take proper documentation guidance to ensure timely preparation of file according to guidelines. In the meantime, while you are getting key documents together, we get the files ready and indexed and dispatch the application for filing as soon as last required document has come in. This is the right way to plan filing of PR or Work Permit under new procedures.
  6. With Victory Overseas, you get in-time guidance to ensure fastest possible filing that can enable you to get into the queue ASAP.
  7. So kick-start the application process immediately and improve your chances of getting permanent resident visa for Countries based on your profile.

Okay, if you nominate a particular occupation in your application, would you then have the freedom to take another job after landing legally in Australia / Canada?

The applicant is free to take up any job after landing legally in the country on PR status.